Virus Attacked
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29/10/2019 14:09:41
(3 weeks ago)
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Hello Everyone,
Recently my pc got infected by COOT VIRUS RANSOMWARE (.COOT FILE). All the files of my hard drive become .coot file Example: [The Cannibal Club 2018 Portuguese WEB-DL – 720P MLSBD.mkv.torrent.coot] and I tried so many things but failed to recover files. Now I have to do windows setup and format hard drive. So now my question is what will happen with my torrents which I uploaded and downloaded? How can I seed Them? Is there any solution? or can anyone help me with my files how can I recover?

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Quality Control Staff

29/10/2019 15:53:51
(3 weeks ago)
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If you have the main file & .torrent meta file then you can reseed. If you don't have then you can't seed.