Solution to Common Problems!
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10/05/2020 18:09:03
(9 weeks ago)
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some movies are not downloadingcry.gif
can't connect to peerscry.gif

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28/05/2020 07:08:50
(6 weeks ago)
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Brother how to make torrent leechfree now,means how can i make my uploded torrent leechfree??

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28/05/2020 07:53:00
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Thank you!!smile1.gifsmile1.gifsmile1.gif

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23/06/2020 23:27:06
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admin wrote:
Always remember that CrazyHD servers are 100% OK at all times. Any problem that you face are either on your end or your ISPS end.

-You must use an older version of utorrent. You can download it here. vuze,azeurus etc are not supported.

Here are some common problems and solutions:

1. Ratio not changing / Seedbonus not changing / Red tracker

Symptom: go to tracker tab in utorrent . Probably your tracker status is not working

Reason: your ISP has messed up DNS server or they are blocking crazyhd tracker


Switching to a Better DNS Provider
The first thing we need to do is right-click on the network status notification icon and choose to Open the Network and Sharing Center from the context menu.

Then click on the Change adapter settings hyperlink on the left-hand side of the Network and Sharing Center.

Now right-click on the network adapter you wish to change the DNS settings for and select properties from the context menu.

When the properties for your network adapter open, you will need to select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPv4) from the list, then click properties.

Our example will have opened the IPv4 settings for your network adapter. You will see in the bottom half of the dialog that your PC is set to get its DNS settings “automatically”. You will need to change that so that we can manually specify the DNS servers we want to use. Now simply choose a service below and enter the DNS server addresses.

Google DNS


2. Upload amount shown on utorrent and tracker is different

Reason: Utorrent counts hashfails, dht transfer, local peer exchange as upload. Crazyhd tracker will only count valid data transfer to other CrazyHD users done via tracker

Solution: Turn off DHT, local peer exchange in utorrent settigns. Even after doing so , CrazyHD will still not count hashfails because that is wasted data.

3. Download amount increasing without you downloading

Reason: Modern DHT sc*censored*rs from public sites are capable of extracting PIDs from DHT tables. Your PID has been leaked.

Solution: Go to "My Panel" htne click "Change PID" on the left side

Premium Theme not showing

Please read the payment confirmation message carefully.

-Premium themes are not shown on themelist
-If you change theme manually from themelist, you will have to repurchase.

If you have already changed theme manually by mistake , let me know which one you purchased and I will reapply the theme to your account


More will be added by staff. Feel free to contribute by posting more common problems ALONG WITH SOLUTIONS


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09/07/2020 02:02:24
(4 days ago)
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admin wrote:

mkzdl wrote:
Admin bro could you please specify the best version of utorrent  as the download link seems to be dead...

fixed it. utorrent 2.2.1

What Version will be best now?

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09/07/2020 14:07:09
(4 days ago)
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পুরোনো টরেন্ট সফটওয়ারে কিছু টরেন্ট ওপেন হয়না তাই ফেলে নতুনটা চালাই, তবে যেটা চালাইনা কেন যেভাবেই চালাইনা কেন আমার রেশিও বাঁ আপলোড বাড়েনা ডাওনলোড করা ফাইল ডিলেট না করা সত্বেও, এভাবে চললে এতো নিয়ম কানুন অ্যাপ্লাই করলে কিভাবে আইডি বাচাবো???????